Mission Statement And Goals

Our Purpose is…


To help others realize and achieve their full health potential. To prevent disease. To restore and maintain vitality. To provide convenient, evidence based, high quality weight management for adult and adolescent patients but especially for medical professionals.

Our Mission is…


To provide high quality and personalized medical care. To change obesity promoting paradigms that threaten overall wellness and quality of life. To end the transmission of obesity to future generations.

Our Treatment Goals are…


  • Help our patients live to their full healthy human potential
  • Personalize medical care in order to meet individual and specific needs
  • Prevent and cure chronic diseases associated with excess weight
  • Break the cycle of obesity and the transmission to future generations

We are especially tailored for busy medical and corporate professionals because this is an overlooked population that is growing in obesity rates.    Up to 50 % of medical professionals are overweight!


Majority of our patients are physicians, doctors in various areas of medicine and science, nurses, and medical assistants.

However, it is not a REQUIREMENT to be in the medical field to become a patient. 

Professionals have the following risk factors associated with weight gain:


  • Overworked
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • High risk and high liability jobs
  • Increased Worry
  • Limited time for meal planning
  • Limited time for physical activity
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Working late, causing the impairment of key hunger and satiety hormones
  • Circadian Imbalance
  • High Cortisol and Insulin Levels
  • Poor food exposure when on the Go
  • Travel often
  • High expectations leading to inability to ask for help or support
  • Self medicating with food or alcohol
  • Difficulty finding weight loss resources conducive to education or expertise level
  • Exposure to high calorie foods during meetings and corporate events not ideal