Weight History Chart


Chart your weight history. This is a great tool to visually tell your weight story over time. Correlate the increases and decreases in your weight with life events or important time periods in your life. Use this for personal reflection or as a quick and easy visual. This weight chart can also be used for discussion with your doctor and to help tell your weight story.


For providers: Use this tool with your patients. Discussing weight can be embarrassing and difficult for patients, this low pressure weight graph is a great ice breaker. Quickly and easily pinpoint weight trends to discover the causes for weight loss and/or weight gain with your patient.




Technical: Across the bottom (x axis) of the graph plot time. This can be your age from 0-current or the corresponding years from birth to current. You can also start with the very first time of noticeable weight change (increase or decrease). On the left vertical line (y axis) plot your weight. In the body of the graph write important events and details.


Non technical: Have fun and free-hand. Forget the numbers, dates, and weights and plot the trends in your weight in chronological order.


See example graph on the chart.


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