Success Stories

Weight loss Before and After

Dr Covington

Weight Lost – 80 Lbs

“I grew up as an overweight child. I was very active from elementary school through high school, participating in gymnastics, basketball, and volleyball. I was a pretty good athlete- being tall and strong, so physical activity was never an issue. Despite being quite active I was still overweight and peaked to over 250 pounds in young adulthood. After seeing pictures in a body that I no longer recognized I felt compelled to lose weight!


I focused on nutrition, eating habits and routines. I went from eating at all times of the day and night to eating defined meals and snacks and during specific eating times.  Naturally, I adopted portion control and opted for less processed and high sugar foods.


I already liked exercise and even at 250 pounds I walked several miles a day, so joining a local gym was easy. I enrolled in step aerobics and did the elliptical, treadmill, and light weights on my own. Before I knew it I had lost 50 pounds in close to 6 months. I felt better, had more energy, and better control over my appetite. Over time, I learned more recipes and took pleasure in meal preparation and within a year I had lost 80 pounds.


I have maintained a 80 pound weight loss for over 11 years and everyday I get to help people struggling with weight reach their goals. To maintain my weight, I use our meal replacement products (for breakfast, snacks, and sometimes lunch or dinner), I write down all food intake, and stay active using online workouts and the Fitbit.


Every weight loss journey is unique and although I used diet and exercise for my journey many patients need more resources such as FDA approved weight loss medications, meal replacement programs, accountability, personalized nutrition, food elimination diets, and even bariatric surgery.


My weight loss story helps me to empathize with patients and work diligently to provide the solutions that they desire. I am fortunate to have a job that not only saves but also changes people’s lives and helps me share my transformation with others”

Dr Nikki

Weight Lost – 40 Lbs

“I moved to Charlotte in Spring 2015, soon after finishing my medical residency program. I was 50 pounds overweight and mentally and physically exhausted. I knew I had to lose weight; especially as a new private practice physician.


I started with exercise, jogging regularly. I felt better but I failed to lose weight. My next step was working with a personal trainer. This helped somewhat but my weight loss was very slow. For some reason my body was fighting my attempts for weight loss, as if it wanted desperately for me to stay at the higher weight. To add, I had a major sweet tooth and could not shake my love of sugar and desserts.


Six months after starting my exercise routine I made an appointment with Dr. Covington. She partnered with me on a detailed plan that included nutrition, physical activity, and medical therapy. She seemed to instantly know the missing piece to my weight loss routine and in the first month I lost 13 pounds! This was exactly what I needed and from this initial weight loss I got more focused and more motivated to follow the plan. While continuing medical therapy, my healthy habits became easier and more consistent.


Eventually I no longer needed medical therapy and Dr. Covington started to transition me into a weight maintenance plan. Currently, I work with my personal trainer and continue on a healthy and balanced diet. I have changed the way that I think about food and exercise and I am happy that I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Covington, she has truly played a pivotal role in helping me find the balance and weight loss success that I needed.”

Dr Nazinitsky

Weight Lost – 30 Lbs

“Dr. Covington is fantastic! I have been working with her as my health coach since around October 2017. With her help and some mild exercise, I have been able to lose almost 20 pounds. I am feeling so much better and healthier. I highly recommend visiting with her to discuss strategies for a healthier life!”


Update: “I weighed myself today I’m down to 131.6. I haven’t been this skinny in years. The skinniest I have ever been was 126 and by the rate I’m going I may get close !!!”


Update: “Current weight is 128.9 pounds. I haven’t been below 130 since 2011!


~ Dr Nazinitsky

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Covington helps you to understand the root cause of your weight issue and help to identify long term solutions to guide you in the future. I strongly recommend her to others who struggle with weight loss like myself.”



“It’s really refreshing to meet a physician who takes the time to explain all aspects of weight loss – including a lot of the “why” overweight people make certain choices. Dr. Covington is thorough and knowledgeable but just as importantly, she is kind. She is willing to try different options until you find the one that works best. There is a huge difference between working with a specialist in bariatric medicine and a chain diet plan or basic advice from a primary care doctor. Highly recommend.”

~Patient, Anonymous


“Excellent patient care. Beautiful, clean office Professional office staff. Amazing results / attentive to my specific needs. Individual attention. Respectful.”

~ Patient, Anonymous