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Dr Covington is notably one of the best weight loss doctors in the Charlotte and surrounding area. She is the CEO and Medical Director of Abundant Health & Vitality Associates. She is board certified in internal and obesity medicine.    She completed medical school at The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University and then completed residency at Atrium Healthcare formerly Carolinas Medical Center.   Dr Covington grew up in Charlotte North Carolina and knew as a teenager that she would practice medicine in her home town. She chose obesity medicine after realizes that she could cure many adult chronic conditions with weight management and proper nutrition.   
As many as 50% of medical personnel are overweight or obese; therefore Dr Covington created the "first weight loss clinic especially tailored to medical and corporate professionals".   Having lost 80 lbs herself, Dr. Covington is a weight loss doctor who understands not only the challenges in weight loss but the importance of shedding the excess weight.

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Dr Melody Covington
Dr Melody Covington is a bariatric doctor in Charlotte NC
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