Abundant Health & Vitality Meal Replacement Program

Nutritious foods allow you to lose weight & curb excessive hunger and cravings

What Is Meal Replacement?

A meal replacement product is a shake, protein bar, soup, or drink that replaces a meal. These products are formulated to provide the caloric and nutrient balance for a meal and aid also aid in weight loss. Meal replacement can be provide replacement for a day full of meals or partial dietary replacement.

How It Works?

Meal Replacement offers a great weight loss option providing nutrient balance that is easy and convenient to follow. Meal replacement offers portion control, caloric balance, low sugar, and high protein; all properties essential for weight loss. Meal options are low carbohydrate; therefore, allowing for entry into ketogenesis and fat burning. The high protein in meal products keep you fuller longer and allows you to diet without excessive hunger.


5 meal replacements a day and make 1 meal on your own. That’s meal replacement for 2 meals and 3 snacks. You choose when you want the “on your own meal”! For example, you can make your own lunch or dinner, it’s all up to you.


Lastly, a meal replacement program offers consistency. By keeping meal options consistent we are able to replace drastic or unforeseen changes in the diet due to uncertainty or lack of preparation. This keeps the sugar levels in the blood stream consistent; therefore, controlling the insulin response to fat storage and reducing weight gain.

3 Phases

Weight Loss

Phase I

Active weight loss phase where you can expect to lose 3-4 lbs a week. Low carbohydrate, low calorie, and portion controlled meals and snacks along with high protein allows for less cravings and better hunger control. All meals are pre-planned and easy to stick to.

All meal products meet American Heart Association guidelines for fat balance.


Phase II

Transition into a plan that can last a lifetime. During the evolution phase, carbohydrates and calories are slowly increased over a 4-week period in order to meet the needs for weight maintenance.

Grow in confidence as you move from a very structured weight loss meal plan to a more flexible plan that you create with the help of the medical team.


Phase III

Weight maintenance is for life. It is not about perfection but realism and understanding that weight fluctuation is a normal part of the weight management process. You are now better equipped to make the right choices and apply all that you’ve learned to a lifelong eating plan that will stabilize your new healthy weight.

Why Do It?

Diet plays a huge role in weight loss but it is not merely calories in versus calories out. The macronutrient balance (carbohydrates, fat, and protein) is equally, if not more, important than calories.


Meal replacement allows for the proper balance of calories AND macronutrients and this is a very important key to fat elimination.

How Much Will You Lose? 

The amount that you will lose is based on how long you stick to the program, your level of consistency, and your individual body and make-up.


The chart below represents the average amount of weight that you can expect to lose. Individual results will vary.

 Amount To Lose Length of Program 
 40 lbs10-14 weeks
50 lbs13-17 weeks
 60 lbs15-20 weeks
 70 lbs18-24 weeks
 80 lbs20-27 weeks
 90 lbs23-30 weeks
 100+ lbs25-34 weeks

Who should consider meal replacement? 

  • BMI over 25
  • New to weight loss
  • Need to lose weight for a medical procedure or surgery
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Difficulty Losing Weight
  • Prediabetes or Diabetes
  • Weight Regain
  • Travel often
  • Long distance driver or traveler
  • Limited food and snack options at work or during the day
  • Busy Professionals eating on the Go

Why Chose Abundant Health & Vitality Associates Meal Program?

  • Delicious Taste
  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Superior ingredients and food products made in the US in USDA and FDA approved and inspected facilities 
  • Best quality whey and soy as sources of protein
  • Gluten Free options!
  • Physician supervised and monitored
  • Personalized – 1-on-1 accountability with board certified doctor with superior knowledge in weight loss and bariatric medicine 
  • Program Support and Accountability
  • Convenience
  • Can order products online 
  • Convenient online virtual follow-up visits
  • Affordable -Meal Program includes the cost of food and the initial consultation 
  • Insurance and tax reimbursement available*

*Consult individual insurance plan for details. May vary based on insurance program. All patients managed by Dr. Covington receive a Super Bill following visits, this can be submitted for reimbursement. For specific tax questions consult a qualified accountant. 

Meal Replacement Packages

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12 week Meal Replacement Program. Recommended for maximum weight loss! 5 meals a day provided and you make a “selfie-meal” for lunch or dinner. Average weight loss 40 lbs.

meal replacement oatmeal
meal replacement coffee shake
Caramel crunch meal replacement bar
Delicious weight loss friendly fruity drink

Make majority of your own meals and use meal replacement for snacks and partial meals. Great if you need to calorie control a few meals, need slightly more structure for meals and snacks, or you are often on the go with limited time for planning.

meal replacement pancake

It is unrealistic to resolve to never snacking again. Everyone snacks. It is the choices that we make for our snacking that makes the difference.

Snack confidently while losing weight and feeling fuller!

You get to be in control

The Abundant Health & Vitality Associates protein bars are delicious, real chocolate, and fit into any weight loss plan. Opt for high protein and low sugar snacks as opposed to unhealthy options.

Yes you can Eat Chocolate Everyday!

protein chips

Not quite ready to make a full commitment? Try the 1-week starter kit and experience what being on a meal replacement is really like! Choose 5 products that will last an entire week. Customize your shake and bar to choose the flavor that suits you best!

Order the Starter Kit Today!

Meal replacement program package

You’ve done it! You have met your goal and lost the excess weight. Now it is time to maintain it! Meal replacement snacks, entrees, and drinks help you to keep the balance. No more feeling out of control. No more high calorie snacks. Now is where you continue the journey to great health.

vanilla meal replacement shake
Online protein and supplement store

Great to use before or after bariatric surgery or for a bariatric surgery weight loss reset.


Many surgery programs require bariatric patients to undergo a 2 week full liquid diet prior to surgery.  This is to shrink the liver so the stomach is easy to access during the procedure and to reduce surgical risks. Following bariatric surgery while the new stomach is healing a specialized diet is also required.


The difficulty with bariatric liquid diets is that they are not filling and get boring VERY FAST! To add, coffee lovers will be asked to give up coffee, forever.


We’ve got you covered!


Choose from a variety of protein fruit juices*, soups, puddings, and shakes and even a delicious protein coffee!


meal replacement coffee shake
strawberry meal replacement shake

*avoid red drinks and juice 48-72 hours prior to surgery date


Adding a daily multivitamin offers a way to ensure that no micro-nutrients are missed while dieting.

Fiber is essential for adding feelings of fullness and also aids in digestion and gut regularity. Our fiber supplement easily mixes to any meal or drink item!

fiber supplement for bariatric surgery

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