Meal Replacement Weight Loss Program

Lose up to 40 lbs in 12 weeks

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Easy and Convenient

How Meal Replacement Works 

Stay Fuller Longer

What is Meal Replacement ?

A meal replacement supplement is a protein shake, protein bar, soup, or drink that replaces a meal.

Studies show that meal replacement programs monitored by doctors yield better results than programs done by patients alone
Each meal replacement product is nutrient balanced comprising 25% of the daily recommended vitamin intake. Our meal products are especially formulated for weight loss with low calories, high protein, low sugar, and low fat.

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How it Works

3 Phases

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The weight loss phase is the “jump start” for weight loss. It typically lasts 12 weeks but can last longer if individuals desire. In the weight loss phase participants lose 40 lbs on average by using any 5 of our meal replacement products for 2 meals and 3 snacks, you do 1 “Selfie Meal” on your own.

The evolution (or transition) phase is literally from full meal replacement to the long term eating plain. After completing the weight loss phase it is easier to adopt the eating habits you’ve learned during the weight loss phase becuase you have modeled eating proper macronutrients, portions, and calories.

In the maintenance phase individuals maintain the ne and healthier weight for a lifetime, keeping in mind all the information learned along the way.

Benefits of Meal Replacement

There are so many benefits to the meal replacement program.

It is easy to start right away!

Great Tasting

Low Calorie

Low in Carbohydrate and Sugar 

Portion Controlled

Keto Friendly

Convenient and Portable

Controls Cravings


And most importantly aids in Successful Weight Loss

meal replacement quick start guide

Meal Replacement

Quick Start Guide

 Jump in immediately with the meal replacement weight loss program with this quick start guide. It shares the basics of the program and the steps to take right away to get started on your weight loss journey!


meal program quick guide

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meal replacement patient guide

Whats included in the Meal Replacement Guide?

Detailed guide is designed for someone doing the meal program on their own but needing a little more guidance. This guide goes through the 3 phases of the meal program, expected weight loss, detailed description of how to complete the program, along with other tips and tricks to keep you on track and losing weight in no time.