What To Expect On 1st Visit

Patient Intake

After scheduling, all patients receive a detailed patient intake. Please complete this before the visit. It assists with formulating a personalized weight loss plan.

Visit with Dr Covington

Your first visit with Dr Covington is up to 60 minutes. At this visit you will discuss medical history, medications, obesity and nutrition history, behavioral habits, and more important health history. A detailed body composition analysis is performed. You will start a personalized and monitored nutrition and weight loss plan. For patients interested in Food Sensitivity or Comprehensive Nutrition Testing this will be scheduled as well.

Weight Loss Plan and Follow up

Follow-up is the key to long term success! All patients are encouraged to engage in routine follow-up visits in order to maximize weight loss results. Follow-up visits vary based on the weight loss plan. For patients taking weight loss medicine visits are every 4 weeks (can opt for virtual visits). For meal replacement patients, follow-ups range from weekly to monthly. For nutrition only or wellness patients we recommend monthly follow-up but you have the option to choose an interval that works for you.

Virtual Visits

If you are out of town or just want the convenience of a virtual office visit, Dr Covington provides online visits*.

First time virtual visits – Complete the Patient Intake

Full visit payment is due at time of scheduling the appointment

New virtual visits are 45 minutes – 1 hour

*Prescriptions only for patients seen in clinic and physically examined by Dr Covington

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