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The trick is making sure that you are not only using the correct protein but also using the right nutrient balance, macronutrient balance, portion control, and calories – so using a meal replacement program that has already formulated this for you is best.

All protein is not created equal!

The benefit of meal replacement is that the protein is supplemented with vitamins and nutrients. The benefit of using protein as a meal replacement is staying fuller longer and maintaining lean muscle along with basal metabolic rate (calories burned 24 hours a day without exercise).

Check out our protein meal replacement program. We have protein shakes but also protein bars, protein oatmeal, protein pancakes, soups, and other items so that you can have variety in your meal replacement diet. If you are looking to lose weight, our meal replacement program helps with that as well!

Meal Replacement Program for Weight Loss in Charlotte NC

Can protein powder be mixed with just plain water?


The quality and taste of the protein mixed with water will depend on the quality of the protein that you choose. Always use high quality protein powder. Our protein is sourced from New Zealand which is known for the best and healthiest cows on the planet; therefore the purest and freshest milk and whey protein available.

Our protein shakes are also great tasting and come in a variety of flavors.

They can be mixed with water or milk and in addition to shakes they can also be used as puddings for a healthy dessert!

Mixing with water increases the convenience of drinking your protein shake on the go – especially if it is available in single packets like our protein shakes.

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For individuals who need more protein but don’t like meal replacement or flavor try unflavored collagen. Increase protein content easily by adding collagen to your morning coffee.

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