Is walking enough for weight loss?


For patients starting a new weight loss program walking most days of the week (5-6 days a week) is a great option. It is our primary recommendation to avoid rigorous activities during the beginning stages of a weight loss program. Not only is it less likely for new exercisers to maintain rigorous activity for long term sustainability, but difficult exercise routines increase the risk of injury.

Walking is a great activity for building consistency and it is also great for heart and muscle health.

From walking in a neighborhood, on a hiking trail, or in front of the TV, all walking counts. So just do it. Just Walk.

Use our Walking Guide below to get started with your daily routine.

Painful feet interfering with your ability to walk?

See Dr Covington’s Youtube Video with Dr Tori, a podiatrist, as they discuss weight and feet and tips to prevent and improve foot pain


Check out MyFitnesPal’s  article on whether walking is adequate for weight loss.

Get started with walking patient guide

For patients unable to walk, start where you are! Start with swimming (if you have access to a pool) or chair exercises.